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          Welcome to KAR - dedicated to Kansas Amateur Radio!

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        • If you would like to receive Kansas ham radio news sent from desk of KBØRWI,please use the e-mail sign-up Notification link below. Send your news article, event promotions, SK notices, informationfor the new and old ham alike. Kent will put it in his Newsletter. Deadline is the 10thof the month. Just e-mail Kent at kb0rwi@arrl.net.

          Kansas Amateur Radio News Extra expanded in October 2012 with the monthly addition of the SATERN Western Missouri/Kansas Division Newsletter. We are glad to be the homefor SATERN News beginning December 2011. Please check it out and welcome SATERN to our collection of noteworthy Kansas ham publications!
          • To promote "The Amateur Radio Service" as a publicservice as stated and created by an act of Congress.
          • To publicly recognize Kansas Hams who do exceptional things inthe interest of public service.
          • Recognize those Kansas Ham Radio operators who havevolunteered to dedicate their time and radio equipment to serve their neighbors,community, state, andkb0rwicountry in the event of an emergency or disaster.
          • Recognize those hams who weekly train to be ready to servethrough the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES), the National Traffic System (NTS) andother public services.
          • Recognize hams whose public service activities are feltstate-wide, beyond their city limits and beyond.
          • Recognize Special Service Clubs (SSC), committed to doing morethan a normal club to further ham radio.


            Kent Stutzman, KB0RWI
            KAR Editor

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